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What is Online Affiliate Coopration?

Online cooperation is a cooperation model in which we will offer our partner with a banner together with a link which will link the partner's website to ours, so as to enable the users of the partner's website to purchase products from our online store.

How does Online Affiliate Coopration Benefit You?

Online cooperation is an easy way for you to start earning profit by promoting quality products on your website. We will figure out the traffic and orders that come from our partner's website every week. Then we will pay the partner 3% of total sales(the value of the orders) through Palpal as the commission in return.
For example: User A from our partner's websit visits OBDDiscount and consume $500. Then the partner will obtain a commision of $500*3%=$15.

How to Establish Online Affiliate Coopration With OBDDiscount?

You just need to public the information of our products together with links on your website and attract the users of your website to purchase our products by clicking the links. (In this case,you should offer us an e-mail address so as to receive our weekly traffic & sales report as well as a Paypal account to accept the commission.)

How and how long will I receive the commision?

We will pay the commissiom through Paypal,so you just need to offer us your Paypal account and you will receive the commission weekly.

Will it be able for me to know my weekly traffic and total sales?

Of course, we will figure it out and send the data to you.

Best Practice

Step 1. Contact us to get a Unique Partner ID

You need to contact us to provide your infromation, such country, name, email, paypal account, and most of all, you need to get a ID from us such as "afp0001", means our Affiliate Partner #0001

Step 2. Link your Online Resources to OBDDiscount

If your ID is "afp0001", then your backlink url must be "", then add this backlink to any of your online resources including Website, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube or Blog ...

Follow our best practice linking codes below:

Step 3. Receive our Weekly Report of Affiliate Stats

We will count the weekly clicks & orders from your backlinks, and generate the affiliate commissions

Step 4. Check your Paypal for Moeny

We will remit your commissions to your Paypal, check it !

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