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MILLER 3D Wheel Alignment Machine 3D-AVATA-II #Z009900

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 340 kg

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MILLER 3D wheel alignment machine 3D-AVATA-II


Technical Parameter:

1, Camber: +10°~-10°(±0.02°)

2, Caster: +20°~-20°(±0.06°)

3, K.P.I :  +20°~-20°(±0.06°)

4, Toe-in: +20°~-20°(±0.06°)

5, Set Back: +5°~-5°(±0.02°)

6, Thrust Angle: +5°~-5°(±0.02°)



1.The latest edition of MILLER 3D wheel alignment software;

2.With 32” LCD screen, built-in computer and printer;

3.Win/XP operating system can be upgraded. The menu is simple, easy to learn.

4.The software with zero calibration function is convenient for maintenance.

5.Automatic metering and optimal imaging function can maximize convenience for users.

6.Left and right cameras can meter respectively to ensure the equipment can be used normally under unequal light on both side of vehicle.

7.With variety of tips: the built-in electronic manual, routine adjustment animation tips, training content;

8.Database includes international vehicle models, domestic models and customized models;

9.Measurement for the toe-in curve and ultra-low chassis vehicles;

10.Optional measurement for B5/A6 toe-in curve;

11.Users could maintain camera easily by equipped target. (Special advantage)



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