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DMW3 code reader #B002500

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DMW3 code reader




DMW3 code reader Description:

DMW3 is a new version hand-held car code reader for for Audi for Volkswagen cars. it supports almost all control module for for Audi for Volkswagen cars including  the KWP1281 (K-Line), KWP2000 (K-Line), as well as KWP6000 CAN Bus) protocol. it can also change odometer, read  anti-theft code, diagnose and programme keys



1.information read of control unit fault code
3.clear the fault code 
4.the implementation of component testing data stream
6.the basic setting
7.control unit coding
8.matching and adjustment
9.log in and authorization


II: Odometer Correction(K-line,CAN BUS):

1. VDO instruments (K-Line and CAN BUS)
2. Motometer dashboard (K-Line)
3. Marelli  dashboard (CAN BUS)
4. Bosch dashboard (K-Line)


III: Anti-theft code reader (IMMO1, IMMO2, IMMO3, WFS)

1. read the password for engine control unit
2. read password for anti-theft box
3. read password for dashboard


IV:Key matching

1. control unit of anti-theft box
2. the dashboard control unit
3. Kessy control unit


Those above function doesn't cover all for Audi for Volkswagen cars. some are not supported by DMW3

Use the numeric keys of the keyboard 0-9: to enter the mileage, anti-theft password, data stream group number, channel number, etc. match. The numeric keys can also directly select the corresponding menu item.

Arrow keys: used to scroll the menu to change the data flow group number and channel number, adjust the digital input and so on.

Function keys: ESC to cancel the current operation OK to confirm the current operation. F1 and F2 for the confirmation of the special operation. Specific application can refer to the operation of each function description.

Software upgrade: DMW3 in-line mode DMW3 through the computer to read the sequence number, sequence number sent to the supplier to obtain the appropriate upgrade


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