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Airbag Resetting Tool,Airbag Resetting and Anti-Theft Code Reader #D000100

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Airbag Resetting and Anti Theft Code Reader

Language: English

Function: 1. Airbag resetting. 2. Anti-theft code reader .


It can quickly read out the anti-theft code. Without this code reader in hand, you have to get the anti-theft code through special maintenance station from VW manufacturer. Now with this code reader you can read out the code quickly. So this is a very useful function



1. Big display screen, quick and convenient,
2. Read/write and save the memory of the airbag currently not supported,
3. VW airbags can be restored by K-line and OBD-II line,
4. Applicable Vehicles for Anti-theft Code Reader,
5. Applicable to for Volkswagen vehicles.



When an explosion occurs in an airbag or the SRS light is turned on, normally both airbag and the controller should be replaced. But this tool can restore the software under the conditions that there is no damage to the controller's hardware and replace the airbag only, and the controller can be used again.


Support Vehicle Model List:

1. CITROEN: XSARA-600237600

2. for Volkswagen (VW3/VW5/VW6 airbag controller)
for Jetta, for Passat, Bora, for Santana, for Audi, Gol, for Golf, for Skoda, for Superb Octavia, Fabia,
for Polo: 6Q0909601F,Boschairbag: 4B0959655G, 4B0959655R, 4B0959655J, and 8A0959655B.

3. Shanghai GM: for Buick GL8, Regal, Sail and for Deville.

4. for Honda: for Accord 2.2(CD5), for Accord 2.3, for Accord 2.4, for Odyssey, SV4-A91, SV4-A92, SV4-A93, S84-A84, S84-A86, SXO-A84, S3N-N93, Y614, Y615, Y630 and CRV. SO4-N91-M2   SO4-N93-M2, S94-Y414-M1, SFJ-W710-M2, SV4-308, S84-A81.

5. TOYOTA: for Camry (2002), 33100, 33260, 52120, 60110, VC-52180, VZ-52180, 89170-42090, 89170-02430,89170-60200, VIOS89170-52170, 89170-0N010, 89170-87Z02, 89170-26220, 89170-28230, 89170-33020, 89170-33350, 89170-52480, 89170-60051, 89170-60090, 89170-0D190

6. for Nissan: for Cefiro (2001), 7M806, 209M000, 3L400, 3L405, 4Y715, A33, Sunny, for Bluebird, Paladin, Paladin.28556VK100, TEANA285569W100, X-TRAIL: 98820-9H605;

7. for Mitsubishi: Outlander, MB942715, 268157, 268154, 942715, for Pajero Sport (MR587804), MR472776, MR268156D, and MR268156D, MR587804

8. Mazda: B30E57K30B, M6 (Double airbag), M6-6 (GJ6a57K30c, 6 airbags), Premacy (C17657K30b).  M6: G31F/57/K30A,

9. PEUGEOT: 307-9652712180

10.  for Hyundai: for Elantra, Sonata.

11.  for Ford: Mondeo.

12.  DPCA: Elysee


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  • By Baron
  • Verified Buyer
  • May 10, 2012

Highly recomended! Item arrived very fast and was as promised! Thanks

Reply by OBDchina
Hi Baron, thank you for your supports!

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  • By Tamara
  • Verified Buyer
  • December 17, 2011

Hi I purchased it from you a while ago. Is happy with it.

Reply by OBDchina
Thank you.

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  • By New Customer
  • Verified Buyer
  • December 16, 2011

is it original and update by net?

Reply by OBDchina
Yes,it produced by original factory.and it's the last version.

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  • By New Customer
  • Verified Buyer
  • December 16, 2011

fast delivery, good package.

Reply by OBDchina
Dear friend,
Thank you for your highly evaluation and great support.
Best Regards,

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