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AD100 car key programmer #F008500

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 3 kg

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Transponder Key Programming, Remote Control Programming, Plip Programming
ECU Coding, ECU Matching, Immobiliser Diagnostics, Body Control Module Diagnostics
Transponder Key Erase Function, Remote Control Erase Function


AD100 key programmer Description:

The World Leaders in Key Programming Systems
This is a piece of equipment you must have if you are an automotive locksmith, Car Repair shop, Car Accessories or even Car Dealer.

Languages: English and Spanish 

The product is now out of stock, we
Recommend: T300 Auto Key Programmer V13 >>   Function Same as AD100 Key Program


AD100 Key Programmer Functions

1. Read the vehicle malfunction code
2. Clear the vehicle malfunction code
3. Read IMM0/ECU ID
4. Reads the machinery key code
5. Clear vehicle key memory
6. Program new key
7. Read EKA password
8. Programme new EKA password


Support Vehicle Model list

for Ford LDV GM for Isuzu VW for Audi for Seat for Skoda Rover
Land Rover for Ford USA for Chrysler for Jeep Peugeot for Citroen
for Nissan Jaguar for Aston Martin for Renault for Mitsubishi Daewoo
for Hyundai Kia for Fiat Alfa Lancia for Honda for Suzuki Toyota
Proton Mazda for Subaru for Iveco Mercedes for for Sprinter/Vito
for BMW Mini


Support New Version Increas

Toyota & for Lexus New systems added (Internal Test Only)
Updates to for Honda systems added (Internal Test Only)
Santa Fe added to for Hyundai menu.
NISSAN NATS 5 System updated for PRO machines.
HONDA Systems Type 9 and 10 added (Internal Test only)
VAG CAN Pin code reading added to VAG CAN software.
NATS 2_5 System, Dongle F added to the PRO system.
for Grandis added to for Mitsubishi ISRAEL menu.
for Ford PATS 3 CAN problem. Test only.
for Chrysler CAN 5 updated.
for Mitsubishi Relay wakeup test application (Internal only).
GM Euro Remote control programming changed.
for Hyundai & KIA CAN 2 system added.
New pincode for for Suzuki Wagon R 2006 Onwards added.
New for Suzuki Baleno system added.
for Renault 8 digit pincode vehicle update.
Toyota Brazil update (internal test only)
for Charger and for Magnum update (internal test only)
for Chrysler Remotes Dongle selection fixed.
Menu Update
for Nissan/for Infiniti Proximity menu updated.
for Suzuki System ERROR on countdown fixed.
for Chrysler CAN 5 system added for Testing.
Peugeot 807 CAN Bus system added.
for Renault 8 digit pincode entry corrected.
Dongle A & D added to be used with for Suzuki (Pro software).
GM Pin code added to Euro menu.
GM Remotes fixed (Pro software).
for Nissan/for Infiniti Proximity systems added (New software package).
for Honda use of Dongle A's as well as C's added.
New add key ICM done for AD100Pro.
All timer countdowns changed for security access.
Toyota Immo system 2 modified to work with AD100Pro.
New for Hyundai/kia vehicle menu update.
for Suzuki countdown changed to display dots across screen.
New MM5 pinread added.
New Ssangyong systems.
for Mitsubishi System added for for Spacestar.
for Nissan diesel test system added for israel.
New NATS 2 systems added to Navara.
Daewoo/for Chevrolet menu change.
VW/AUDI Pin reading for Pro checked and updated.
for Chrysler CAN 4 added.
for Mitsubishi Problem updated, Pro machine only.
for Suzuki Dongle Problem Updated, Pro machine only.


Technical Features:

Rs232 interface
Backlit lcd
CD rom software updates
User id password protection
Serial port testing
for Dynamic display readings
Covers all euro obd protocol's
12v powered from vehicle
Pc link facility
Print facility


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  • By Ernesto Ramirez
  • Verified Buyer
  • January 17, 2012

Hello i need to know if the Ad100 can get pin code of Chrysler type 2, please send me more information about this device to my e-mail, thanks

Reply by OBDchina
hi, ad100 can't read chrysler pin code, please check product:Chrysler pin code reader2.

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